Press Attention

I gave interviews to various science writers and news agencies about my research and filming activities.

  1. Global Forest Watch (2019) Macaws, Movies and a Legacy of Environmental Protection: Q&A With Dr. George Olah [by Sarah Ruiz]
    I was interviewed by Global Forest Watch in Washington, DC, about the science and filming behind our Macaw Kingdom documentary we produced in the Peruvian Amazon. The interview was published in two blog posts:
    – First part about the filming:
    – Second part about conservation research:
  2. Global Forest Watch (2019) Five Creative Projects Using GFW to Protect Forests [by Sarah Ruiz]
    Our research documentary was featured as one of the projects that used GFW data.
  3. Lajtár Lili Blog (2019) Parrots in peril [by Lili Lajtár]
    I was interviewed by a 16-year old nature enthusiast and conservationist in Budapest, Hungary.
  4. Parrots Magazine (2019) People helping parrots: George Olah [by Rosemary Low]
  5. Business Insiders (2018) Male parrots from an endangered monogamous species are running out of mates, so now they’re hitting up breeding females for sex [by Simon Thomsen]
  6. ABC News (2018) Endangered swift parrots pushed into tragic love triangles by sugar gliders [by Anna Salleh and Felicity Ogilvie]
  7. The Guardian (2018) Swift parrot polyamory a new threat to critically endangered species’ survival [by Calla Wahlquist]
  8. EurekAlert (2018) Study counts the high cost of infidelity for swift parrots
  9. (2018) Study counts the high cost of infidelity for swift parrots
  10. ScienceDaily (2018) High cost of infidelity for swift parrots
  11. The Atlantic (2018) The Jaguar Is Made for the Age of Humans [by Nadia Drake]
    A story about our face-to-face encounter with a jaguar during a research expedition to the remotest part of the Peruvian Amazon. Nadia Drake is a science journalist of National Geographic, who joined us for this expedition.
  12. BreitBart (2018) Nomadic population of swift parrots at risk of extinction, research shows
  13. (2018) Swift parrots bred on predator-free islands at risk of extinction
  14. UPI (2018) Nomadic population of swift parrots at risk of extinction [by Brooks Hays]
  15. Mongabay (2016) Exceptional beauty, exceptional risk: New study reveals extinction dangers for parrots [by Meghan Gilbert]
  16. Takepart (2016) A Third of Parrot Species Face Extinction [by John R. Platt]
    John R. Platt covers the environment, wildlife, and technology and for TakePart, Scientific American, Audubon, and other publications. This time he interviewed one of my co-authors, Stuart Butchart (head of science for BirdLife International), from our recent study about extinction risk in parrots.
  17. ANU (2016) Australian parrots need more protection [by Kate Prestt]
  18. Freshpreneur (2014) Interview about The Macaw Project crowdfunding campaign [by Justin Rogers]
  19. ANU (2014) Using artificial nests to assist and study Macaw Parrots in lowland Peru
  20. Mongabay (2014) Feather forensics: scientist uses genes to track macaws, aid bird conservation [by Elizabeth Devitt]
    An interview about my PhD research in Peru.
  21. Díszmadár Magazin (2010) Hungarian zoologist in the quest for parrots [by Krisztina Bordás]

Television Appearances

I gave interviews to TV channels in Hungary about my research and expeditions.

M1 [Hungarian National TV] – Programme: Kék Bolygó [Blue Planet]
Forest fires in the Amazon rainforest (2019)
I was interviewed, among other scientists and NGOs, about the unusually large forest fires worldwide and their effect to the Amazon. The rainforest footage was provided by our NGO, Wildlife Messengers. Watch the short report in Hungarian with English subtitles:

M1 [Hungarian National TV] – Programme: Kék Bolygó [Blue Planet]
The Indonesian expedition (2018)
Interview with Cintia Garai and me about our non-profit organisation, Wildlife Messengers, producing films for conservation. In the programme we also talk about our recent award-winning movie, The Macaw Kingdom, and about a new documentary we were filming about the Indonesian Parrot Project.

M5 [Hungarian National TV] – Programme: Mindenki Akademiája [Everyone’s Academy]
Using genetic techniques for parrot research in the Peruvian Amazon (2017)
I gave a lecture and report about my PhD study in Peru.

M1 [Hungarian National TV] – Programme: Minden Tudás [Omniscience]
Landscape genetics in the Peruvian Amazon (2017)
A report about our landscape genetics studies and their implications to conservation.

Ozone Network [Hungarian Commercial TV] – Programme: Egyenlítő [Equator]
The Candamo expedition (2016)
A one-hour interview about our research expedition in Peruvian Amazon. In the programme also participated my colleagues: Attila Dávid Molnár wildlife filmmaker and Linda Alpern designer.

M1 [Hungarian National TV] – Programme: Kék Bolygó [Blue Planet]
The Candamo expedition (2016)
I was interviewed about the scientific expedition I led to the Candamo valley in the south-eastern Peruvian Amazon.

Interview in the Budapest Zoo (2017)
Oláh György zoológus, aki az elmúlt években a déli félteke számos országában dolgozott a papagájok terepi kutatójaként, nemrégiben előadást tartott Állatkertben a terepen folytatott kutatásainak eredményeiről. Ebben a kisfilmben a fiatal, de máris komoly eredményeket felmutató kutató a Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert papagájokkal kapcsolatos szakmai munkáját méltatja. Intézményünk már a megnyitás évében is foglalkozott papagájokkal. Az elmúlt években is számos érdekes fajt mutattunk be, részt vettünk a természetvédelmi erőfeszítésekben és sikerrel szaporítottunk több ritka papagájfajt.

Candamo Expedition (2016)
We made a research and filming expedition to Candamo, an extremely remote inter-montane valley in the Peruvian Amazon. Watch below our short video as the first recap of our trip: